The Llocals community

We are Llocals, the fresh streetwear brand from Utrecht. Our story begins in the summer of 2019 when I made my dream come true of starting a streetwear brand. A brand that would not only fit my style and my way of living, but that would also contribute to what I believe should be the standard in fashion; the slow fashion movement.


Streetwear is big. Look around you and see how many people, all different, wear streetwear on a daily basis. But what is striking is that almost none of these brands pay much attention to sustainability and producing in a fair way. It is all about mass production, releasing drop after drop after drop while luring people into buying more and more. Even though the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries there is. With so many young people wearing these brands I believe these brands fail to take responsibility to show our future generation what should be done. Buying sustainable and fair products; buying less and more consciously.

From then on I began to see it as my mission to build a streetwear brand that has sustainability as one of its core values. I want to show you that clothing can be awesome and fun, and at the same time also be sustainable and fair. That streetwear and sustainability can go hand in hand.


In my daily job as an engineer I invent, design and develop products and buildings. But I never stopped dreaming of setting up my own fashion brand in which I could express my creativity further. I get my inspiration out of many things, from architecture, organic shapes, art and design to walking around in the city. My vision on life is that it should be fun. Do the things you love most, spend time with the people you care about and chase your dreams no matter what they are as long as they make you happy.


Over the course of many evenings I worked on making Llocals what it is today. Two small collections a year with pieces of the highest quality materials made to last. Produced in a sustainable and fair way as locally as possible, hence our name. Some pieces more basic, others more outspoken. But always recognizable as a Llocals piece. A simple silhouette; fun and playful; and with a love for colors and graphics. Garments we love to wear in our daily lives, but we also really would want to wear again while dancing the nights away at our favorite festivals.

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