Onze duurzame uitgangspunten think big act Llocal lokaal geproduceerd

"Think big, act llocal"

When it comes to changing the fashion industry we believe you have to think big, but act local.

Thinking big means considering everything you do with regards to the environment.

At Llocals we see it as our mission to show you that it is important to contribute to making this world a better place. Buying clothing that is produced in a sustainable and fair way helps you making this contribution.

Onze duurzame uitgangspunten streetwear x duurzaamheid

Streetwear X sustainability

Streetwear and sustainability can go hand in hand

We believe that no compromises on sustainability should be made when buying streetwear. We want to be a streetwear brand that truly values being sustainable.

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Sustainability for everyone

We think it is important that sustainable clothing is accessible to a lot of people. We want you to be able to buy Llocals products. Therefore, we decided to maintain affordable prices for our garments.