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Think big, act Llocal is our motto and one of our believes. It was always our goal to produce fully locally here in the Netherlands. We believe that you must act locally to make a positive impact on the fashion industry. Producing locally at Kleerlijk has five important benefits to us:


1. We are able to see with our own eyes that the production of our Llocals pieces takes place under fair and good working conditions.

2. It is easier for us to regulate and check the quality.

3. Less transport needed, thus a smaller footprint.

4. Producing in small editions, meaning less deadstock.

5. Stimulating the local economy and supporting a Dutch clothing workshop.

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Who says that dope streetwear can not be sustainable? Llocals shows that you can buy clothing that is cool and sustainable at the same time. Because, let’s be honest, it does feel much better to wear things of which you know that it is produced in a fair and sustainable way, right? We noticed that most streetwear brands are not sustainable and most sustainable brands are more basic. We wanted to be able to wear sustainable clothing ourselves, but we could not find the dope stuff we were looking for. We founded Llocals to provide you with a responsible choice in streetwear that fits your (life)style.

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We want you to be able to trust us and shop our pieces with a good feeling. Our third believe is that we try to communicate as open and transparent about Llocals as we can. At Llocals it really is what you see is what you get. We do not try to picture things prettier than they actually are. Thus, in the case you have any questions or comments on our responsibility policy, please do contact us via info@llocals.com. We love to tell you more about it.