Think big, act Llocal

Our Story

We believe that a person should be able to wear clothes that are not only awesome and fun but also sustainable and fair at the same time. We believe that when choosing your style no compromises should be made, ever.


Therefore we created Llocals, the streetwear brand that is trying to make a difference. We want to show everyone that it is possible to contribute to a new standard in fashion. Ending fast fashion by producing clothing in an ethical and sustainable way, as locally as possible. That’s why we named our brand Llocals.



Llocals tries to work together as much as possible with other local entrepreneurs and craftsmen that share the norms and values we have. So that we are able to support each other and can also help one another to pursue our missions and achieve our goals. Our labels and printwork therefore have been produced in the Netherlands and the finishing of our t-shirts is done by a Syrian refugee that now owns his own tailoring studio here in the Netherlands. We hope that in the nearby future we will be able to produce our shirts more close to home to reduce our carbon footprint further.



Our products all have a high sustainability factor. They are made from the best fabrics and materials so that you will be able to enjoy wearing them for a long period of time. Our clothing is made from cotton that is 100% derived from biological cotton growing. The factories in which the shirts are being produced therefore meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Next to that our prints are eco-friendly printed on water base.



Our shirts are being produced in factories in Bangladesh that are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. This means that the employees are able to work under good working conditions and human rights are being considered.